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  • Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  • Country: Romania
  • E-mail: andreescuflorin19[at]stud[dot]ase[dot]ro

Florin ANDREESCU has graduated the Faculty of Computer Science and Automation in The Polytechnic Institute Bucharest (UPB), Domain: Computers/Software Engineering. Currently he is PhD student at Economic Informatics Doctoral School - Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), Domains: Management Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Simulators. He works at Totalsoft as a senior developer and is in charge of an important project at Orange Romania. He has an extensive experience in complex projects including projects for research, industry, governmental and private companies. He was trained in Google and Azure cloud platforms and in recent projects, he worked in domains like Scalable Machine Learning and Video Streaming in Google cloud, Pub-Sub, Data Flow, Big Query, Auto ML, Vision ML integration, ERP/ORM integration, Data Warehouse, ETL and ML pipelines.

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