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  • Varna University of Economics, Varna
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • E-mail: vasilev[at]ue-varna[dot]bg

Julian VASILEV has graduated the Faculty of Informatics at Varna University of Econom-ics in 1998. He holds a PhD diploma in Informatics from 2008 and he had gone through all didactic positions since 1999 when he joined the staff of the Varna University of economics, teaching assistant in 1999, senior assistant professor in 2003, assistant professor in 2007 and associate professor in 2011. Currently he is an Associate Professor of Informatics within the Department of Informatics at Faculty of Informatics from the Varna University of Economics. He works also as an IT expert within the Centre for Social Surveys. He is the author of more than 10 books and over 25 journal articles and over 30 articles in conference proceedings in the field of ERP systems, GIS, information logistics, e-government, accounting software, sta-tistics, business analysis, e-logistics, network security. Part of his work focuses on the applica-tion of quantitative and qualitative methods in social research. Another part of his fork focus-es on the web application development with Delphi XE. He has participated in several re-search projects. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Review of Arts and Hu-manities. He has organized several conferences at VUE. He is an expert in ICT-FP7 at the Eu-ropean Commission. He was a visiting professor in universities in Maribor (2006), Koper (2007), Lithuania (2008) and Katowice (2009).

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