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  • LAMOSI, University of Sciences and the Technology (USTOMB) 31000 Oran,
  • Country: Algeria
  • E-mail: dekhicilatifa[at]gmail[dot]com

Latifa DEKHICI is a PhD student in the department of computers sciences, sciences faculty, university of sciences and technology of Oran, Mohamed Boudiaf. In 2002, she had an engineering diploma in computer sciences in software engineering. She had his magister diploma in artificial intelligence and forms recognition in 2005. She works in the modeling, simulating and scheduling of the operating theatres of Oran. She had already published 3 pa-pers about operating theatres modeling and scheduling in reviews and journals and she has among 21 manuscripts in several conferences. L. Dekhici is attached to LAMOSI (Laboratory of Simulation of Systems of Industries).

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