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  • Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Santiago of Chile, Santiago
  • Country: Chile
  • E-mail: felisa[dot]cordova[at]usach[dot]cl

Felisa CORDOVA is graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of Santiago of Chile (1974). She obtained the D.E.A. in Electronics and the Docteur Ingenieur degree at the University of Paris XI, France (1981). Now she is professor and Director of the Department of Industrial Engineering, she was also Academic Vice Rector at USACH. Her main research interests include Strategic and Operations Management and Knowledge Management of the Supply Chain. She has participated in several national and international research projects in the fields of Robotics, AGV and Virtual Operation Systems in underground mining. She has published more than 70 papers in conference proceedings and international journals in areas of Robotics and Production Re-search, Knowledge and Strategic Management. She is past-president of the Chilean Association of Automatic Control ACCA (member of IFAC). She has participated in the organization of national and international Conferences (ACCA, LCA, LCR, SEPROSUL, ICCC, ICPR). She is national councilor and past Vice President of the Engineers College of Chile. Actually she is member of the engineer accreditation board at Acredita CI.

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