Informatica Economica Vol. IX No. 4/2005


Information Society

Interactive learning systems through virtual reality

Economic Principles for E-Market Functioning
Emil SCARLAT  11

Statistical Analysis of the Electronic-Commerce Activities in European Countries
Simona GHIŢĂ  21

Virtual Organizations
Lorena BĂTĂGAN 26

Multimedia and Data Bases

MCI in Multimedia Programming and Multimedia Authoring
Marian DÂRDALĂ  31

Manage and Content-Based Retrieve Images using InterMedia Oracle 10g
Adriana Reveiu  35

Executive Information Systems
Ion LUNGU  42

Easier Hierarchical Queries
Mihaela Muntean  47

Data mining în piaţa imobiliară
Tit-Liviu LEONTIN, Darie MOLDOVAN, Manuela RUSU, Daniela SECARĂ, Corina TRIFU  50

Information Technology and Banking Services
Monica  ROMAN  59

Software engineering

Object Oriented Modeling of a Tutorial System for Major Risks Management – Requirements Analysis
Rodica Mihalca, Adina Uţă, Iulian Întorsureanu, Anca Andronescu 63

Object Programming of an Integrated System for a Small and Medium Enterprise. Commercial Subsystem - Part three
Vasile LUPSE, Ovidiu COSMA 69

Security in Computer-Related Systems

Software Security Testing

Performance Analysis of Parallel Algorithms
Felician ALECU 83

Economy Applications

Yaari approach of Risk aversion – application in insurance
Dumitru MARIN, Anamaria ALDEA 87

Prices differentiation under certainty in a monopoly market
Stelian STANCU 92

Trajectory Calculation for Oil Slick Drift on Sea Surface
Eugen BÂRSAN  96

On the Handling of Uncertainty
Nicolae MĂRGINEAN 102

A Credibility Model for K Non-Life Insurance Contracts
Virginia ATANASIU 108

Research Programs

Innovative System for Personalized and User-centred Learning with Application to Project Management
Ileana TRANDAFIR, Alexandra GALATESCU, Ana-Maria BOROZAN 112

e-learning Standards
Bogdan GHILIC-MICU, Ion Gh. ROŞCA, Marian STOICA, Cristian USCATU, Marinela MIRCEA, Cătălin SILVESTRU 17


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