Informatica Economica Vol. IX No. 3/2005


Digital Economy

The Metamorphosis of Enterprise in Knowledge Age
Gabriel ZAMFIR 5

New Generation of E-Market
Răzvan Daniel ZOTA 16

Generating of buying decision in digital environment
Mihaela TUTUNEA 19

Developing e- commerce applications

Considerations Regarding the Use of Semantic Web Technologies in the Context of E-business Applications
Sabin-Corneliu Buraga 26

The impact of mobile solutions in business
Marinela MIRCEA 32

Statistics of Information Society

Financial market – background for economic decisions
Stelian STANCU 36

Statistical Analysis of the IT Labor Market in European Countries
Simona GHIŢĂ 43

Survey concerning E-commerce
Silvia-Elena CRISTACHE, Daniela ŞERBAN 48

Telework through statistic indicators
Irina Isaic Maniu, Giani Grădinaru 54

Macromedia Technologies for E-Learning
Alexandru Dan CĂPRIŢĂ, Simona CĂPRIŢĂ 57

Virtual localities in new society
Lorena BĂTĂGAN 62

Artificial Intelligence & Information Systems

Using Decision Trees for Predicting Financial Markets Events
Ion Lungu, Valentin-Dragoş Militaru 66

Decision support tools for oil spill response management
Eugen BÂRSAN 72

Electronic Workflow in Informational Systems
Marian STOICA 78

Objectual programming of an integrated system for a small and medium enterprise. Commercial subsystem (Part two)
Vasile Lupşe 82

Elements of J2EE architecture used in design of information systems
Victor Bărcan 86

Tutorial system in management of major risks
Adina Uţă 90

Software engineering

Turn-Key Software Programs
Ion IVAN, Cătălin BOJA, Cosmin TOMOZEI 96

Homogeneous Sets of Servers Configuration
Ion Bolun, Anatol Ciumac, Andrei Sveriniuc 104

Adaptable Systems Lingvistic and Processing Properties
Dumitru TODOROI, Diana MICUŞA, Zinaida TODOROI 109

Databases normalization. Algorithm to determinate the closure of attributes set
Nicolaie Giurgiţeanu 118

New architectures of Neuronal networks
Cristina COCULESCU 124

Parallel Sorting Algorithms
Felician ALECU 128


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